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We are Jerusalem T&T, an award winning creative experience creator in Israel, Jordan and Palestine.

Please scroll down and let us tell you more about us!


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a visit to tel aviv Israel at night


So who are we?  We are a creative team of travel designers who are in the know (about travel in Israel, Jordan & Palestine).  And we are passionate about service and detail.  Combine all of that and you will get to know our one and only purpose - to activate your taste buds for all the potential and the variety of experiences that Israel, Jordan & Palestine have to offer.

Your time is precious.  We therefore put ourselves in your shoes as we plan the experiences and tours for you and your clients.  We do want your clients to feel at their home away from home during their time amongst us.  When we travel we'd look for the ultimate in service and quality. That would be the same feeling we would want to give to your clients.  This is what guides us as we plan every minute of every hour of your clients' stay with us.

We'll show you that four leaved clover.  On the beaches of the salty Dead Sea.  In the high heat of July.  No wait... You know that does not exist...right?  Ask for it though and we'll turn the world upside down making it come true for you.


To make sure your clients do not miss any detail and not waste a second.  We'll show you and them parts and corners of Israel, of Jordan and of Palestine that you never thought or knew existed.  We'll aw inspire you and your clients and show you our destinations through our lens, the JT&T lens.

We do have a lot to offer.  Our destinations are rich in History, in Culture, in Beauty, in Nature, in Hills, in Mountains, in Valleys, in Religion, in Architecture, in Agriculture, in Technology, in Wellness, in ..., in..., in...  .  If you want to come to Israel or Jordan or Palestine and are not sure what to do, simply ask us.  We'll build you THE itinerary of a lifetime. We'll get you here and send you back completely full and completely satisfied knowing you have seen and done all you intended to.  Try us... We are ready for the challenge.

Western Wall in the old city of Jerusalem Israel
Norman Hotel tel aviv wellness thumb pool

There is nothing we can say except that we LOVE our destination.  We love Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, Haifa and Nazareth, Be'er Sheva and Eilat, Amman and Petra, Jerash and Aqaba, Bethlehem and Jericho, Ramallah and Nablus, north and south, east and west, and every grain of sand and dust in between.  

Let us start writing your experience.  Let us paint that experience together with the beautiful background that is ISRAEL, JORDAN and PALESTINE.

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